“And let us not be weary in well-doing:  for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” -Gal. 6:9

Quantum Leap: A dramatic advance especially in knowledge or method.

This term actually originated as “quantum jump” in the mid 1900’s in physics, where it denoted what appeared to be a sudden change from one state to another within an atom. Quantum Leap was not defined then as a radical advance but rather small steps which changed the “energy” or the course. Modern usage has been incorrect. A real Quantum Leap would indicate a subatomic distance so small that it couldn’t be measured so that it appears there is no half-way step in-between. In other words, it is the compounded small steps which eventually explodes into a change and appear as if the change occurred “all of a sudden,” instantaneously, or overnight. Many “overnight successes” can tell you the story of the years of struggle, challenges faced, and then the breakthrough, their experience of the Quantum Leap.

Jeff Olsen calls this consistent “doing the right thing” even when you don’t see results, The Slight Edge. The “slight edge” is the power of daily disciplines and habits which help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in spite of the evidence of your senses. Jim Collins in Good to Great called it the “flywheel” concept, “compounding your investment of effort.”

The problem is the majority of us do not stay the course. We get tired of living year after year and seeing no change and so in our journey we drop our prayers or dreams then pick them up again, then drop them again, then pick them up again, and so on. The majority of us give up or go in a “new” direction, hoping things will go easier with the new plan we’ve developed. We lack commitment. Commitment is doing the thing we said we would do long after the mood we said it in has left us.

I believe that so many of us live our lives in the Quantum Leap realm, but in its modern vernacular and not in its true meaning. We want the miracle, deus ex machina, for God to show up in the middle of the scene and reap a harvest when there has been no planting and no cultivating. We don’t want to make changes in our thinking or in our behaviour. We simply want what we want…now.

So let me say this, the surest way to fail is not to seek accountability. Let’s take alcoholism (I was going to use losing weight but that might be too touchy a subject for some-wink.) The fact is that the people who have had higher success in kicking the addiction are those that have shared their goal and were willing to have someone hold them accountable. They are told in AA that if they are tempted to take a drink (or even after they have taken that drink) to call their sponsor. Often just the thought of having someone know they failed is enough to stop them. They have someone who will walk that journey with them. Those who fail are those who think that if they drink without anyone knowing, they are actually getting away with something. I wish I could remember the translation of Proverbs 18:1 which stated that “a man who isolates himself seeks his own destruction.” Be willing to be held accountable for your dreams or even your prayers.

I have a challenge for you. I’m not sure what your goals are spiritually, physically, mentally, relationship-wise, career-wise, etc., but I would like you to take one of your goals, and it has to be one that really means something to you, one that makes you cry when you think about it, and share it with one person who will hold you accountable. This person will have to be the kind who will not let you get away with saying “yeah, but…”

Treat your lack of faith or you lack of stick-to-itiveness as an addiction that needs to be broken. I don’t care if your goal is as simple as you want to stop gossiping, or you want to stop angry outbursts, procrastination, set self-development type goals, or get out of debt, or go after your dream, or persist in prayer in faith not being double-minded…whatever it is, have someone hold you accountable and ask questions as you meet with them once a week to discuss your progress. This can be done over the phone or even via email. If the issue is gossip, or slandering people, have the person ask if you gossiped that week, how often, etc. Have them add that one thing to their daily prayer list.

I want you to do this for the next six months (prayer and action daily) and I would like a full report on the results. I cannot imagine that things will remain static, nor that you would remain unchanged. Learn not to draw back but push through and, as John Maxwell would say, fail forward. Develop the purpose and strength to stay the course. You may not “see” results but they are there, just like in a true Quantum Leap, so infinitesimal that it appears nothing is happening.

We often think of prayer breakthroughs as God suddenly waking up one day and deciding that is the day He will do something about the thing you have prayed about. What if we changed our view to believe, rather, that, as with Daniel, He sent the response as soon as we prayed? That things were set in motion immediately? That what we were really experiencing was a Quantum Leap? Could it be that that is why we are cautioned not to get tired of doing the right thing? Will we be so stuck on “seeing” with our natural eyes as to miss the blessing? You decide, this moment, the weight you will place on what you see, versus the things God promises. If you are happy with your method and see results then by all means stick with it…But, if it’s not working and you’re frustrated maybe it’s time to attempt something, well, different.

Aren’t you tired of dropping your prayer request and then picking it up again, feeling like you are starting over from square one? Wouldn’t you like to learn persistence and obtain the promises? It is your choice. Aren’t you ready for a Quantum Leap? Will 2008 be a repeat of 2007, or will you determine in your mind and heart with ferocity, that this year will be different, that you will overcome in at least one area, and push forward? Will you continue to feed your mind with negative thoughts and self-defeating attitudes? Will you determine to “do” instead of just try? You know Yoda of Star Wars said something profound once. He said, “Do or do not-there is no try.” Those are the choices I am setting out for us. I am not asking you to try this. Like Yoda advised, “do or do not.”

If you cannot find anyone where you are to hold you accountable, I would love to help. Feel free to email me, and if you’re already a friend, you have my number (smile). I love coaching/mentoring and I would love to be a part of experiencing your success. Stop only wishing things were different. “Vision without strategy is little more than a daydream.” John Maxwell. Let this be more that just a “Leap year,” let this be your Quantum Leap Year.

Michele Cedo

Copyright (c) 2008 Lord of the Ring-Less. All rights reserved.


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